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IN 2022 NIRF Ranking, 1802 Colleges Participated and SB College Secured 62nd Position




True to the vision of Christian charity, the college is committed to inspiring its students to attain nobility through compassion, strength of character, and dedication to the service of their fellow human beings; and achievement of excellence in all walks of life. Every undergraduate student is expected to undergo a compulsory social awareness programme (SAP) during the first and second semesters of their course. The aim of this programme is to make students understand how humans behave, as individuals, as part of groups, and as members of larger social institutions. The expected outcome is that the student will be able to understand the human behaviours and human needs and the functioning of a variety of social institutions. Also, it aims to equip the students to understand the psychological, social, economic, and political roles they have to play in the society through first-hand experience.

College identified various arenas in which the students can work with. All UG students were given an orientation talk on the need for social awareness programme during the first semester itself, and asked to register their choice of their activity. The Director of SAP in consultation with the mentor published the list. This activity was closely monitored by the Director, HoD and the mentor.

The primary areas of focus of SAP includes, but not limited to, education, health and hygiene awareness, environment and plastic use awareness, association with civic organisations, skill training, working with charity ventures like orphanages, hospitals, old care and palliative centres, NGO’s etc. The programmes was conducted after the regular class hours, weekends or holidays. The performance of the students was evaluated by the mentors regularly.