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IN 2022 NIRF Ranking, 1802 Colleges Participated and SB College Secured 62nd Position


Quality Policy

Quality Policy

To ensure continuous improvement in the entire operation of the institution by timely, efficient and progressive performance in all spheres with suitable interventions for quality.

For this, the Management and the staff are committed to providing a holistic education to the students through an empowering process of participation of various stakeholders in adequate measure

As part of the quality policy, there shall be a provision to receive suggestion box and redress grievances.  Complaints regarding facilities can be registered in the College office.

  • Focusing on the academic standing and overall knowledge development of the students
  • Enhancing the competence of the faculty to a very high level and to make them adopt all modern and innovative methods in teaching-learning process
  • Inculcating moral and ethical values among the students and staff
  • Collaborating with industry, other institutions and organizations for mutual benefit
  • Promoting Research and Development programme for the growth of the economy
  • Propagate technical knowledge in the region through continuing education programmes
  • Ensuring the improvement of Quality Management System